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System Optimization

Imagine a product development system that continues to churn out value-based products on a regular basis that delights customers, exceeds company goals and leaves your competitors scrambling. Life would be so good. With our help you can live this life.

EAC provides the expertise of an entire staff to guide your Lean and Learning First product development initiatives. EAC Product Development Solutions provides its customers the expertise of an entire staff of specialists. Whether your needs involve professional training and consultation, engineering and design services, product development systems implementation, or engineering and design software, we have the people and knowledge and products to help you succeed.

The EAC Product Development Management Services business unit offers a full suite of services to guide your Lean and Learning First Product Development transformation.

Each of our service offerings is designed to drive product development excellence. The ultimate goal of any EAC Product Development Management Services engagement is to provide critical value and sustainable improvements to your organization’s product development system.

Our staff collaborates with your product development teams to apply the Lean and Learning First Product Development systems. We provide training and services that address your needs, regardless of the status of your Lean and Learning First Product Development transformation. Whether you are just beginning to understand, adopt, and implement, or are currently maintaining a successful implementation, EAC is here to be a partner in your success.

Are you ready to develop products on-time every time?

It is time to explore Learning First Product Development (LFPD). Like Lean Production, it is a system based upon a superior business management foundation. Lean applied to Product Development combines the theoretical output of a group of experts, who worked at and studied Toyota’s product development system, and the learning from an elite group of product development leaders who have begun practical implementation of this system.

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