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ANSYS 19.1 delivers simulation-based digital twins

7 June 2018 | Team EACPDS


Traditional preventive maintenance of industrial assets leads to expensive and unnecessary maintenance costs. Digital twins can reduce those costs by combining an accurate physics-based virtual replica of a product with data collected from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The end result of digital twins is having predictive maintenance insights at your fingertips to analyze smart machines in real-world operating conditions. Designers and engineers can leverage this intelligence to make more informed decisions and avoid unplanned downtime.
The latest release of ANSYS 19.1 boosts productivity and eliminates product complexity across all physics. The software provides a way for product developers to rapidly build, validate, and deploy simulation-based digital twins within a single workflow. The release empowers designers and engineers to accelerate productivity and eliminate product complexity while lowering costs and time-to-market.

ANSYS 19.1 brings updates across all physics to improve users’ productivity and generate accurate designs and results. Eric Bantegnie, Vice President and General Manager of the ANSYS systems business unit says,”This release empowers customers with most efficient productivity gains – spurring product innovation and dramatically effecting their bottom lines, as well as on the global economy.”

ANSYS 19.1 delivers the ANSYS® Twin Builder™

The ANSYS Twin Builder improves predictive maintenance outcomes and optimizes your product’s operations. The Twin Builder applies the power of a multidomain systems modeler with extensive 0D application-specific libraries, 3D physics solvers, and reduced-order model (ROM) capabilities. When combined with embedded software tools, it allows you to reuse existing components of your product model. Twin Builder integrates easily with IIoT platforms so that you can connect your twin for testing or observing real-time data. The software also allows you to perform predictive maintenance on your physical products.

Building your Digital Twin

ANSYS Twin Builder saves time in the engineering process to build an accurate physics-based twin through model reuse and easy composition. It gives you:

  • Support for multiple modeling domains and languages
  • Extensive 0D application-specific libraries
  • Third-party tool (including 1D) integration
  • 3D ROM creation and integration
  • Embedded software integration

Validating your Digital Twin

Validate an accurate representation of your product and optimize product performance by 25% using:

  • Multidomain simulation with integrated post-processing
  • Rapid HMI prototyping
  • Systems optimization
  • XiL integration

Deploying your Digital Twin

Improve your operations with 10-20% reduction in maintenance costs:

  • Quickly connect to supported IIoT platforms
  • Export and deploy generated models

Building, validating, and deploying simulation-based digital twins within one workflow with the ANSYS Twin Builder will save millions of dollars for customers in oil and gas, industrial, energy, and aerospace and defense industries.

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