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Driving Service and Parts Profitability with Product-Specific Information

24 September 2018 | Team EACPDS


The stakes are high and, as technology is making the world ‘smaller’, competition is growing at a furious rate. Your enterprise needs to stay on-point at all times and deliver flawless service to every client on a moment’s notice.

With so many variables impacting efficiency and profitability, how can you manage the service lifecycle of your product with full confidence?

With the proper strategy, smart investment, and smart guidance you can not only keep up, but plan for the future.

The growing complexity of products in the market makes the jobs of service departments more challenging. Factors outside of a technician’s control such as unavailable parts information or delays in the supply chain can make a huge impact on profitability, client satisfaction, as well as the overall performance of your products.

New approaches to Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), along with new technology (like the internet of things) can do a great deal to streamline service operations.

Watch this on-demand webcast from PTC to learn all about industry research on the impact of the information gap at the point of service delivery and best practices to successfully meet these critical business challenges head-on.