1. Vuforia Expert Capture uses the Vuforia Capture app and an eyewear device such as HoloLens to allow you to record video procedures step by step.
  2. As you record, explain what you’re doing and why. Be concise and refer to an outline or script. The resulting recorded output is called a “capture.”
  3. By plugging your eyewear device into a computer, you can save the file and upload it to Vuforia Editor to build out your procedure.
  4. Use content from your captures along with any uploaded images or videos to create steps and publish the finished procedure.
  5. Now others at your organization can find and view the procedure. View procedures using one of two apps:

-Use the Vuforia Vantage app to view procedures on a mobile device or tablet.

-Use the Vuforia View app to view procedures using a RealWear or HoloLens eyewear device.