Seamlessy create comprehensive, feature-rich IoT solutions


Using ThingWorx Foundation your organization can create scalable and secure industrial IoT solutions that are easy to implement, accelerate time to market, and deliver compelling end user experiences.

With out-of-the box extensibility and the industry’s largest ecosystem of partners, ThingWorx Foundation easily scales with rapid business growth in the largest of enterprises. ThingWorx Foundation is the nucleus of the ThingWorx platform. It connects to every platform module. This integration provides a simplified, seamless approach for developers to rapidly create comprehensive, feature-rich IoT solutions and deliver fast time-to-insight critical to the success of industrial IoT implementations.


Wrap & Extend

The ThingWorx Foundation is designed to wrap and extend around existing IoT applications, business systems, cloud technologies, protocols, and proprietary systems. This allows organizations to save money by leveraging existing systems versus replacing them with new ones.

Flexible Connectivity

To minimize integration work, ThingWorx Foundation provides flexible connectivity options. This enables users to connect to sensors, devices and equipment across any network or communication scenario.

Rapid Design Functionality

The ThingWorx Foundation also includes model driven, rapid design functionalities which allow a broad set of users to create IoT solutions that are easy to scale and maintain while increasing the speed and efficiency of the development process.


01. ThingWorx Composer

the default interface of ThingWorx and provides an integrated visual modeling environment for administrators and developers to build applications.

02. Thing Model

enables users to create digital representations (also known as digital twins) of physical assets, people, organizational elements, and work processes. Thing Model is the cornerstone of ThingWorx Foundation and is a key platform differentiator.

03. ThingWorx Mashup Builder

A drag and drop user interface builder that allows developers and business users to create interactive applications, dashboards, collaborative workspaces, and mobile interfaces.

04. ThingWorx Edge & Industrial Connectivity/Kepware

Secure, embeddable, and easily deployable communications designed for connecting sensors, devices and equipment across any network of communication scenario.

05. ThingWorx Solution Central

A centralized portal in the cloud that allows system administrators to efficiently discover deploy and manage ThingWorx applications across the enterprise from a single location.


Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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What is ThingWorx Foundation and what does it do?

ThingWorx Foundation is a complete, end-to-end IoT technology platform that delivers cutting-edge functional capabilities. It enables IoT developers to create, deploy and extend breakthrough, enterprise-ready IoT applications and augmented reality experiences. With out-of-the-box extensibility plus the largest ecosystem of industry partners, ThingWorx Foundation scales rapid enterprise business growth.

How does ThingWorx Foundation relate to the ThingWorx IoT Platform?

The nucleus of the ThingWorx Platform is the ThingWorx Foundation. It connects to every platform module. Once integrated it provides a simplified, seamless approach to rapidly creating comprehensive, feature-rich IoT solutions. ThingWorx Foundation allows developers to deliver increased time-to-insights that are critical to successful industrial IoT implementations.

Why would a developer use ThingWorx Foundation?

ThingWorx Foundation is powerful enough to meet the needs of the most skilled developer. Yet offers a simple user interface suitable for the novice developer to create powerful, interactive IoT solutions and applications.