The Digital Manufacturing Assessment will provide a clear picture of your current state, how technology can help, the gaps to close, and the first steps on your digital transformation journey

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If you’re looking to explore how IoT best-in-class technologies, strategies, and platform connectivity can help your organization – you’ve come to the right place.

EAC’s Digital Manufacturing Assessment takes manufacturing consulting to the next level by using an undeniably different approach to help you establish digital transformation initiatives that drive real results.

This IIoT consultation service evaluates the overall state of your current product development systems,  provides broad organizational visibility to improvement initiatives, and identifies an IoT solution roadmap to help you determine the very first steps you should take on your digital transformational journey.




current manufacturing practices and operations.


opportunities that align with your corporate goals.


technology and solutions that integrate with your current processes.


strategic roadmaps that will enhance your processes.


Whether you’re just beginning to look into digital transformation for the first time, or it has been on your radar for a while, creating the most strategic roadmap, adopting the right technologies, and learning to embrace this revolution will be imperative to your desired business outcomes.

Partnering with EAC means unifying disparate systems to deliver real-time visibility and actionable insights across your enterprise. No matter what your vision is, we can help accurately assess your business needs and help you write your digital transformation success story – starting with a Digital Manufacturing Assessment.


Take a Deep Dive into Your Current Manufacturing, Production Processes & Operators’ Methods

We analyze how you currently capture, share, and consume product and manufacturing information.

Assess the Maturity of Your Operational Technologies

We help you evaluate and harness the power of your shop floor data to unlock untapped value.

Work With Your Team to Identify an Ideal Future State

We address all optimization opportunities and deliver a strategic view of your current state, our recommended future state, and a roadmap to achieve your desired state with IIoT solutions.

Prepare Your Organization

for the sizable culture shift to collaborative, innovative, integrated, and connected operations.


Most organizations quickly justify the cost when realizing the financial impact of implementing the Roadmap

Kevin Caskey

Business Director of Branded Products, MGK

When people participate in the definition of change, it makes it more palatable.

Brian Paulin

President, Engine Power, Inc.

The assessment process provided real value to our company.

Joe Camp

Engineering Manager, Illinois Valley Plastics

Before taking part in the assessment I was under the assumption that EAC was a typical Value Added Reseller (VAR). I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that isn’t the case. EAC has a breadth of services, depth of knowledge and dedication to product development that I haven’t seen in other VAR’s.


Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

You can count on personalized support around the clock by email, live chat, or by joining a live webinar.

Can the Digital Manufacturing Assessments be done remotely?

A key part of the Digital Manufacturing Assessment (DMA) is an on-site tour of your manufacturing facilities. We find on-site walkthroughs give us the best understanding of your environment, machines, technology, and processes supporting your product manufacturing. We can do the other analyses remotely to limit in-person interactions if preferred. These include individual interviews, follow-up discussions, and results presentations.

Once the assessment is complete, will we receive an architected solution that outlines specific devices, connectivity methods or control systems?

We do not deliver an in-depth architected solution. Our results will outline your current operational state, the optimization opportunities found and their value, and a high-level strategic roadmap on how to achieve those.

If you agree with the future vision we present, then we would involve our Solution Development and Service Architects. They would then scope out and architect a solution.

What areas can the assessment cover at our business?

We can assess your business processes end-to-end. We interview any stakeholders involved with product development, whether they contribute to or consume your product data.

What if I only want to focus on one specific area with this assessment?

We offer a variety of assessments – each type can be tailored to cover what your organization needs specifically. Please read through the outlines of our assessments to find out which one might best fit your needs. If you are not sure, contact us. We would be glad to help determine how we can best help your organization.

Are we required to buy from you once the assessment is complete?

No. We intentionally position these assessments as a standalone. You can choose to execute our recommendations any way you would like. However, we are confident that partnering with EAC will bring you the results that our experts recommend for the future of your product development.