From proof of concepts to pilots, and to full production implementation, our team will help you succeed with any transformation initiative


Our mission is to improve the way you design, manufacture, connect to, and service your products. We believe it starts with aligning your People, Processes, Teams and Technology from initial product concept design, manufacturing of your product, and servicing or supporting your product with your customer.





There are a million problems worth solving, the key is to focus on ones that have strategic impact and produce the most valuable result. Your Road Map is a proposed course of action over a period of time. It breaks up initiatives into digestible chunks to ensure that you reach your goal of getting to your desired future state. It is a map that you own, and is unique to your business. The financial impact of implementing your unique Road Map can be astronomical. Customers that commit to changing the way they develop products have uncovered dramatic opportunities to increase gross margin.


Direct Cost Benefit
Productivity Benefits
Proposed Additional Profit
Direct Cost Benefit
Productivity Benefits
Proposed Additional Profit

Note: The numbers identified in the table above are representative of a company that has an annual revenue of $60,000,000.

Our various assessments evaluate the overall state of your product development processes and systems. They each provide broad organizational visibility to ideal improvement initiatives while helping organizations establish a clear roadmap to improve the operational function of Product Development Processes and Systems.

We can format our assessments to cover all areas of your business, including engineering focuses, manufacturing focuses, service focuses, complete quote to cash process, augmented or assisted reality use case opportunities, smart connected operations opportunities, and smart connected products opportunities.

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Digital Manufacturing Assessment

EAC’s Digital Manufacturing Assessment takes manufacturing consulting to the next level by using an undeniably different approach to help you establish digital transformation initiatives that drive real results.

Functional Group Assessment

A business assessment for organizations looking to improve the skill level of their team while increasing the utilization of available functionality of their current software toolset. This EAC provided service analyzes team utilization of PTC software tools to identify areas of improvement and suggest additional functionally. 

Product Development System Assessment

Designed for organizations who realize they could improve their product development system, but lack the business case to drive the effort at their company. This EAC service gives broad organizational visibility to improvement initiatives, enabling experts to devise a roadmap to improve the operations of their product development system.

Product Development Value Stream Mapping Assessment

A robust assessment to offer companies who want to do a deep dive into their complete product development system and are looking for recommendations on improving both their systems and business processes to create a complete product development system.

Streamlined Product Development System Assessment

This streamlined EAC service focuses on interviews and direct inputs from organizational team members to realize the business’ current state and aspired future state to develop a roadmap for success. 

Julie Ryan

VP of Marketing, Thermos

We quickly started to realize what potential there was by implementing a product lifecycle management system. We knew our product development processes could improve – we just didn’t know where to start. Now all of us have a much clearer picture of what the end goal is.

Mike Zacharias

President, Extreme Tool & Engineering Inc.

EAC has opened our eyes. They challenged us and made us think differently. The tools and technology they offer, along with their thought processes and systems are all critical parts of our growth strategy. We look forward to continuing and growing the working relationship between Extreme and EAC.

Joe Camp

Engineering Manager, Illinois Valley Plastics

Before taking part in the assessment I was under the assumption that EAC was a typical Value Added Reseller (VAR). I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that isn’t the case. EAC has a breadth of services, depth of knowledge and dedication to product development that I haven’t seen in other VAR’s.