An easy-to-use Low Force Display (LFD) 3D printer that delivers exceptionally fast prints, unmatched success rate, and stunning parts


Experience unparalleled speed with the Form 4, boasting blazing-fast printing capabilities, with most prints completed 5 times faster than the Form 3. Its versatility allows for the use of advanced materials suitable for any application, while its intuitive setup ensures quick integration into your workflow, with users mastering it in just 15 minutes. Reliability is guaranteed, with an unmatched print success rate, ensuring accurate results that rival injection molded parts. Transform your production processes with this industry-leading 3D printer equipped with the most innovative technology

Limitless Material Possibilities with Open Platform

A diverse selection of cutting-edge materials tailored for Formlabs printers, now expanded to include third-party certified options through our open platform. With over 37 industry-leading materials available, including 6 exclusive new offerings, the possibilities are endless. Our Open Platform empowers you with certified third-party materials, customizable print settings, and the flexibility to print with any 405 nm photopolymer.

Silicone 40A

Alumina resin

Alumina 4N

Flame Retardant

Rigid 4000

Rigid 10K

Rigid 10K

PU Rigid 650

PU Rigid 1000

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With its advanced technology and innovative design, the Form 4 delivers blazing-fast printing capabilities, completing most prints in record time. Despite its speed, the Form 4 doesn’t compromise on accuracy, producing parts with precision that rivals even injection molded components. Whether for rapid prototyping or production-grade manufacturing, the Form 4’s unmatched combination of speed and accuracy makes it the ideal choice for professionals in various industries.


The Form 4 3D printer offers unparalleled versatility, capable of handling advanced materials tailored for any application. Its intuitive design ensures a seamless learning curve, allowing users to become proficient in just 15 minutes. Whether you’re prototyping complex designs or producing functional parts, the Form 4’s adaptability and ease of use make it the perfect choice for professionals seeking efficiency and precision in their printing endeavors.


With each print, users can trust in the Form 4 to deliver precise and accurate results consistently. Its reliability ensures that projects are completed with minimal interruptions, allowing professionals to focus on their work with confidence. Whether tackling intricate prototypes or complex production runs, the Form 4’s reliability guarantees a smooth and efficient printing experience every time you complete a project.


Optimize your workflow effortlessly and ensure the consistent production of pristine, top-tier parts utilizing our automated, large-scale post-processing machinery. Form Wash is the perfect solution for automated part washing, now enhanced with the option for most parts to undergo air curing. For full-volume prints on the Form 4, employing the Form Cure L is essential for effective post-curring.

Form wash


Form Wash swiftly and effectively cleans printed parts using IPA or alternative solvents. With precise agitation from an impeller, every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned automatically for the necessary duration. Upon completion, Form Wash automatically lifts parts out of the IPA for air drying.

Finish kit


Put the finishing touches on your parts quickly and easily with the comprehensive Form 4 Finish Kit, keeping your workspace clean and organized. Includes two rinse buckets, rinse basket, removal tool, plastic tank scraper, Build Platform jig, flush cutters, squeeze bottle, and disposable nitrile gloves.


Form 4

$ 4,157.00

Form 4B

$ 4,967.00


Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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Do other 3D printers have the same technology as the Form 4?

No, Form 4 is the only printer on the market with a Low Force Display™ (LFD) print engine. Most printers on the market do not have any of this technology, let alone all of it.

While there are dozens of unique features in our LFD print engine, these are the six most unique parts:

  • Release Texture: patent pending
  • Light Processing Unit 4: patent pending
  • Flexible Film Resin Tank: patent pending
  • Mixer-based failure detection: patented
  • Backlight Unit with industry-leading optical power
  • Automated resin dispensing
What kind of 3D printer is the Form 4?

Form 4 is a masked SLA printer (MSLA) powered by our Low Force Display™ (LFD) print engine. LFD features six custom hardware subsystems and sets a new standard for speed, reliability, print quality, and materials performance.

Can I use my Form Wash (1st generation) with the Form 4?

Yes, you can remove the parts from the Form 4/4B build platform and use your existing Form Wash. But to fit the new Form 4 build platform which has 19% larger build area (note: 30% larger build volume), you’ll need to upgrade to the new Form Wash (2nd Generation). The maximum part size that can fit in the legacy Form Wash is 14.5 × 14.5 × 17.5 cm. Form Wash (2nd Generation) also has 3x more agitation and improved longevity allowing you to wash 67% more parts before replacing your solvent.

Competitors have LCD screens with 8K and 12K resolution. Why does Form 4 only have 4K resolution?

The number of pixels is only one small factor that goes in producing great parts. Form 4 has a 50um pixel size, highly collimated light, and advanced pixel smoothing to produce razor-sharp detail and smooth surfaces. Based on internal testing and beta feedback, we expect Form 4 to deliver the same print quality as printers with a higher resolution LCD.

Learn more: With LCD screens, transmission and pixel size are inversely related. Form 4 uses a custom LCD screen with an ideal combination of high light transmission for print speed, small pixel size for smooth and sharp prints, and proprietary optical filters for long lifetime. Form 4’s Backlight Unit also plays an important role in print quality. The optical baffle and plano convex lenses deliver highly collimated light that does not spread as it passes through the LCD, delivering sharp details and excellent dimensional accuracy.

Is the Form 4 the fastest SLA printer on the market?

Form 4 is the fastest SLA printer on the market with excellent reliability, print quality, accuracy, materials performance, and part size support. Most modern MSLA printers can deliver similar average print speeds (20-40 mm/hour) for their general purpose materials. But they often have to sacrifice on reliability, print quality, supported part size, accuracy, and/or supported materials to achieve these speeds.