Codebeamer is a complete lifecycle management solution with all-in-one requirements, risk, and test management capabilities.



explore the BENEFITS of codebeamer

No matter what role you play in the product lifecycle, Codebeamer can help you quickly see value.


Traceability, transparency and smooth collaboration are all standards with Codebeamer’s requirements management. Easily identify, manage, and track requirements throughout the lifecycle of your project. By using Codebeamer, you can significantly reduce costs, mitigate risks, and accelerate delivery times in product development.


Codebeamer provides a holistic integration of development that helps software teams and managers build high-quality technology products. By breaking down silos, it provides traceability from requirements through code, testing, and release, making it an ideal solution for those seeking to enhance the quality of their software products.


Codebeamer is the ultimate solution for quality teams looking to build unwavering confidence in their software solutions through testing. By using Codebeamer, you can significantly reduce quality costs and demonstrate your commitment to product quality through actionable steps.

Screenshot of the PTC's Codebeamer Case Study: Allianz Customer Success Story

Allianz Customer Success Story

Allianz Handwerker Services (AHS) needed a collaborative software development platform to support their distributed team and automate their real estate facility management business. They evaluated Borland’s Tool Suite and codeBeamer against existing tools and found that codeBeamer ALM was the only solution that met their technical requirements. With codeBeamer’s Java API feature, they were able to easily customize and implement a computer telephony integration (CTI) requirement for the User Help Desk staff.


Effortlessly Powerful

Customize Codebeamer to your exact requirements and empower your teams with unparalleled features throughout the entire value stream. Experience the benefits of a user-friendly interface that enables each stakeholder to realize value from day one. Connect your people, processes, and tools like never before with Codebeamer.

Streamlines Regulatory Compliance

Unlock the maximum potential of your team with ready-to-use templates and proven best practices that will put you miles ahead of the competition. Improve your product quality, implement established procedures, and simplify safety-critical audit preparations with ease. Reduce the expenses and time required for product verification, regulatory compliance, and tool validation without sacrificing quality. Create a centralized hub for all contributors and auditors to achieve unparalleled productivity.

Enterprise-Ready with Seamless Scalability & Integration

Expand your enterprise by enhancing teams, functionality, and infrastructure with precision. Propel Agile delivery, decrease hazards & expenses, and hasten cycle times to surpass your competitors. Track progress, and relish in complete traceability from conception to product release for unmatched transparency. Engage all contributors throughout the value chain, and acquire critical lifecycle intelligence to bolster decision-making.

Agile Project Management
  • Utilize Scrum, Kanban, XP, or any other Lean/Agile method that suits your team’s needs.
  • Customize Kanban boards to visualize and manage tasks effectively.
  • Support scaled Agile processes such as LeSS, DAD, and SAFe®.

  • Analyze your Agile performance through the use of burndown charts and other KPI charts.

  • Manage your backlog across teams by planning, reviewing, and organizing it effectively.
  • Access Dev+Ops data in a single-pane-of-glass view for streamlined management.
  • Automate your CI&CD pipeline and deployment to increase efficiency.
  • Track and report on DevOps Analytics to gain insights and make informed decisions.
Product Line Management
  • Manage a multi-stream product line with branching, merging, and baselining capabilities.
  • Reuse project configurations, workflows, and artifacts across different projects for increased efficiency.
  • Achieve traceability and change management in product line engineering to ensure quality and compliance.
Risk Management
  • Manage risks throughout the entire lifecycle by identifying, analyzing, and mitigating them effectively.
  • Tie risks with all upstream and downstream work items for better visibility and control.
  • Integrate CAPA and FMEA methodologies into your risk management workflows for enhanced risk mitigation.
  • Document risks and easily export risk traceability reports for compliance and reporting purposes.
Review Hub
  • Collaborate efficiently with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure timely approvals.
  • Embed custom approval gates in your workflows to streamline the approval process.
  • Use timestamped e-signatures for approvals to ensure compliance and accountability.
  • Provide your teams with an efficient review dashboard to enhance visibility and control over the approval process.
Regulatory Compliance
  • Define custom quality workflows to ensure that quality standards are met and deviations are avoided.
  • Use baselines and history search to browse product versions transparently and track changes effectively.
  • Access and easily share automatically logged audit trail reports to ensure compliance and maintain accountability.
Release Management
  • Utilize the Release Planner to effectively plan and monitor releases, resources, and velocity.
  • Track and manage all aspects of multiple release streams efficiently for better visibility and control.
  • Report on release data and performance in real-time to gain insights and make informed decisions.



Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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What are the system requirements for Codebeamer?
The required amount of memory depends on the number of concurrent users and the data in the system. The codeBeamer installation kit contains all components (database, web-server) required for evaluation, supporting Windows and Linux on 64-bit x86 architectures.  
Why use Codebeamer?

Codebeamer is an ALM tool that benefits software development teams. It provides a centralized platform for collaboration and information sharing. It also offers end-to-end traceability, automation of processes and workflows, tools for managing quality assurance processes, and features to support compliance with regulatory standards. Overall, Codebeamer can help teams improve collaboration, traceability, efficiency, quality, and compliance.


What is the difference between ALM and PLM?

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are two distinct approaches to managing development. ALM focuses on software development’s lifecycle, including requirements gathering, testing, and deployment. In contrast, PLM focuses on a physical product’s full lifecycle, from ideation to its end-of-life. Overall, the main difference between the two is that ALM is for software applications, while PLM is for physical products.

What is an application lifecycle?

The application lifecycle encompasses phases such as requirements gathering, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Each phase plays a crucial role in the application’s success, emphasizing the importance of thoroughly testing and meeting user needs.


Is ALM an Agile tool?

ALM is not an Agile tool but can fit into an Agile development environment. It manages the application lifecycle from conception to decommissioning, involving processes, tools, and people. Agile teams commonly use ALM tools to manage their projects. However, it’s important to note that ALM itself does not align with Agile principles.