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PTC’s Arbortext technical documentation software suite of products creates quality technical publications. Reduce costs and gain the ability to provide accurate, timely, accessible technical content customized to your users’ needs. 

Cost Reduction

Reduce authoring, translating, and publishing costs. Repurpose topics and content by authoring at a sub-document level to eliminate the need for translating and revising entire manuals.


Improve the consistency of layouts, and the delivery of information, while eliminating formatting challenges. Standardized stylesheets ensure a coherent look and feel every time.


Automate most Arbortext features. Automatically generate information, tables of contents, indexes, and cross-references with little effort.

Powerful Flexibility

Enjoy enterprise-grade features of a technical publication editor, while ensuring content is consistent and accurate by leveraging standard styles and document types like DITA or S1000D, or creating a custom styles and document types.

Improved Productivity

Empower teams to easily author and manage multiple document versions when paired with a content management system like Windchill or Windchill Service Information Manager.

Global Accessibility

Support over 25 languages and any XML-based document type definition (DTD) or schema, such as DITA or S1000D.


Arbortext takes the time and effort out of creating quality technical publications with quick turnaround times. Empower your teams to produce enterprise-grade technical publications that reduce costs, improve accuracy, and increase accessibility for your customers. Authors no longer have to spend hours of their day creating operator guides, service manuals, bulletins, installation instructions, or work instructions.


Tools to help create and produce a variety of content – from writing XML documents and developing style sheets, to designing 3D and 2D illustrations. Efficiently create and maintain connected data across platforms and provide the ability to reuse content.

Arbortext Editor

Arbortext Editor is a sophisticated toolset designed to help you create and edit documents in SGML and XML. Arbortext Editor’s familiar word-processing interface makes it easy for authors to create structured content for reuse and automated publishing.

Windchill Service Parts Editor

Windchill Service Parts Information and Instructions Parts List Editor enables generation and automated update of associative parts list from BOMs, enrichment of spares data and dynamic update of their 2D and 3D illustrations.

Arbortext Styler

Arbortext Styler helps you create simple to complex stylesheets for publishing to multiple outputs. Using Arbortext Styler’s simple user interface, a designer can define format settings for both electronic and print output without having to learn any of the stylesheet programming languages.

Arbortext IsoDraw

Arbortext IsoDraw produces illustrations using original 3D and 2D CAD data to optimize product and support information, such as assembly and disassembly instructions, parts catalogs, operator and service manuals, training documents, and more.

Arbortext Web Editor and Reviewer

Arbortext Web Editor and Reviewer provides users with an intuitive user interface that captures and manages XML behind the scenes. Accessible via a browser, these tools make it easy for casual contributors to quickly and effectively collaborate with the documentation team. All aspects of the content production process can be streamlined by removing the need for manual conversions and iterative reviews. For those contributors already using Windchill for content management the collaboration process begins in the familiar Windchill interface.

Creo Illustrate

Creo Illustrate enables you to create rich 3D technical illustrations, 2D drawings, and interactive animated sequences that accurately reflect current product configurations and support formats from hard copy to augmented reality. This software allows you to communicate complex service information easily and accurately.


Tools to manage and improve the product lifecycle management process by maintaining connectivity through the digital thread.

Windchill PLM Software

Windchill PLM Software is a product lifecycle management application suite that enables geographically dispersed, multi-disciplinary teams to strategically collaborate with partners and customers using trusted, up-to-date product information.

Windchill’s open architecture enables easy integration with other enterprise systems, including IoT, providing a solid foundation for a product-driven digital thread. Expand self-service access of traceable product data to non-experts who don’t typically use PLM, while avoiding over-customization and complexity.

Windchill Service Parts Information

Windchill Service Parts Information and Instructions add-on is a context-specific service information content manager that enables manufacturers and service organizations to manage information based on how the product is configured and serviced in the field.

The Windchill Service Parts Information and Instructions add-on improves service operations efficiency and effectiveness by enabling service information to be organized and optimized for accuracy, applicability, and rich, graphics-driven delivery.


Tools that allow you to publish and distribute content to your customers efficiently and reliably

Arbortext Publishing Engine

Arbortext Publishing Engine is a server-based system that pulls XML and SGML content from a file system or content management system, assembles that content for different audiences, and automatically publishes the assembled content in both print and electronic forms, all with high-quality layout and formatting. It provides the starting point for creating publications out of reusable components, and provides authors with the functionality they need to aggregate content into publications and to make those publications dynamic and personalized.

Arbortext Content Delivery

Arbortext Content Delivery is a powerful scalable web-based parts catalog and technical information portal, allowing dealers, distributors, and end user customers to easily find and access the updated high quality product configuration-specific content, regardless of where it is created or stored across your enterprise. Arbortext

Content Delivery also integrates with e-commerce business systems to facilitate the parts ordering process for service repairs. It delivers the parts information required for servicing a product along with the supporting documentation required for maintenance and repair operations, right on time, boosting user productivity.

Arbortext Layout Developer

Arbortext Layout Developer enables the creation of templates for the automated print (PDF) production of documents where output quality and/or performance is of prime importance.

Arbortext Layout Editor

Arbortext Layout Editor is for document finishing processes such as changing text formatting to reflow pages in a more pleasing manner and adding floating page regions containing text or graphics.

Vuforia View

Vuforia View is an application that delivers Augmented Reality (AR) enabled experiences to a mobile or eyewear device. It is what you use to access and utilize an AR experience. Vuforia View works by tracking in your real-world space where to launch and anchor the AR content.

Vuforia Studio

Vuforia Studio transforms existing CAD and IoT data into detailed AR experiences that provide critical information to front-line workers when and where they need it most

Integrate With PTC Windchill

When combined with PTC’s Windchill solution, Arbortext offers the industry’s best dynamic content management system (CMS). Link your product engineering data directly with technical publication content for real-time alignment throughout your enterprise. Together, Windchill and Arbortext ensure your information is always accurate and relevant.

IsoDraw allows me to complete projects in half the time I’m accustomed to. Not only do I benefit from productivity gains, IsoDraw helps me produce higher quality technical illustrations too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

You can count on personalized support around the clock by email, live chat, or by joining a live webinar.

What is Arbortext?

Arbortext is an end-to-end, dynamic publishing solution that streamlines how organizations create, manage, and deliver technical publications. The Digital Thread of dynamic data ensures end-to-end consistency by using the CAD Data and existing Bills of Materials from Engineering to create reusable content components, maintain them, and automatically publish up-to-date content across multiple audiences and formats.

What kind of publications can I create and publish with Arbortext?

You can create operator manuals, service documentation, part catalogs, interactive service manuals, installation guides, eLearning courseware, and more. 

Can Arbortext desktop publishing software products and tools be used independently?

Yes, utilize PTC’s Arbortext Suite of tools independently or together.

What is Arbortext Editor?

Arbortext Editor is a sophisticated toolset designed to help you create and edit documents in SGML and XML. Arbortext Editor’s familiar word-processing interface makes it easy for authors to create structured content for reuse and automated publishing.

Is Creo Illustrate compatible with Arbortext?

Yes, you can author in Arbortext IsoDraw or publish illustrated parts lists quickly using Arbortext Editor. You can also connect to PTC Windchill to manage illustration assets through a direct link to the Windchill server.