Below are common cases for leveraging Vuforia Studio:
  1. Product Familiarization and Training: Virtual asset or on-asset 3D training visually demonstrates complex products for better familiarity and a deeper understanding of how they work.
  2. 3D-Guided Service Instructions: In-context model-specific instructions overlay 3D content on top of physical assets to guide technicians through complex maintenance and repairs.
  3. Parts Identification: Visualize hidden parts or identify visually similar parts to enable repair or reorder which saves time for technicians and reduces inventory costs due to errors.
  4. Customer Self-Service: Product-specific AR experiences provide guidance for end-customer operation, maintenance, service, and installation of OEM equipment.
  5. Product Visualization and Demonstration: Virtually validate designs with custom configurations that fit into a physical space by placing a virtual product representation in the context of the customer’s environment.