Creo Simulation Live supports linear static structural analysis, thermal, and modal analysis.

Structural: Static

  • Linear static analysis (SDA – Small Displacement Analysis)
  • Linear static analysis with pre-stress (based on SDA)
  • Large Displacement Static analysis (LDA) – In this analysis, external loads are iteratively applied to the deformed structure, until the final equilibrium of forces and moments is reached
  • Static contact analysis (based on SDA or LDA)
  • Linear Buckling Analysis (stability analysis)
  • Nonlinear stability analysis, based on LDA – this is called snap-through analysis in Simulate

Structural: Dynamic

  • Modal analysis
  • Modal analysis with prestress
  • Dynamic frequency analysis
  • Dynamic time analysis
  • Random response analysis
  • Dynamic shock analysis (earthquake analysis)

Simulate Thermal

  • Steady-state thermal analysis
  • Transient thermal analysis