Formlabs Resin

Formlabs Resin

Formlabs Resin

Formlabs Resin

Formlabs Resin

Advanced 3D printing materials created to deliver incredible results



Excellent detail. Outstanding performance. Custom-formulated to provide the highest-quality products, these Formlabs resins capture incredible detail without sacrificing strength.


Functional prototype materials that are versatile and reliable. Now you can reduce costs, iterate faster, and bring better products to market.


Biocompatible, sterilizable, transparent, flexible or firm. These manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility to help medical device and healthcare providers print a wide range of end-use tools, instruments, and devices.


This group of resins can handle stretching, impacts, bends, and compression without breaking – go ahead, put them to the test!


Produce impeccable, impressive models and prototype distinct pieces with exquisite resolution. From idea to fitting to casting, this is the best surface finish on the market.


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Materials for high-resolution, rapid prototyping

Clear Resin ($149)

For any project involving light or needing to show internal parts

White Resin ($149)

For presentation-ready projects or prints that will later be painted

Grey Resin ($149)

Perfect for showing precise details for general prototyping & design

Black Resin ($149)

Formulated for models with tiny features and complex details

Draft Resin ($149)

For printing big, hefty parts quickly with admissible accuracy

Color Kit ($175)

Contains a Color Base cartridge and all 5 color pigments

Standard Explorer Pack ($719)

Includes Black, White, Grey, Clear, and Flexible Resins


Materials for Engineering, Manufacturing, and Product Design

Our library of versatile, reliable Engineering Resins is formulated to help you reduce costs, iterate fast, and bring better experiences to market.

Rigid 10K Resin ($299)

For precise, industrial parts that need to withstand significant load without bending

Rigid Resin ($199)

Ideal for thin walls because if its high capacity for maintaining formation long-term

Grey Pro Resin ($199)

Best suited for prototypes and models that will be handed often

High Temp Resin ($199)

Perfect for prototypes with great detail and resistance from high temperatures

Elastic 50A Resin ($199)

The softest engineering resin is ideal for prototyping parts normally produced with silicone

Durable Resin ($199)

Best for compressible parts and assemblies with a low amount of friction

Flexible 80A Resin ($199)

Recommended for prototyping more difficult pliable parts that activate the durometer of rubber or TPU

Flame Retardant Resin ($249)

Best for creating stiff, creep-resistant, and functional plastic parts that perform well long-term in indoor and industrial environments

Engineering Explorer Pack ($679)

Includes Tough, Durable, Flexible, and High Temperature resins


High-Performance Materials for Biocompatible Applications

Our new library of biocompatible, sterilizable, BioMed Resins are manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility to help medical device and point-of-care manufacturers reduce costs, iterate quickly, and print a wide range of end-use tools, instruments, and devices.

BioMed Clear Resin ($349)

Used for biocompatible and wear resistance applications

BioMed Amber Resin ($349)

Used for biocompatible applications involving short-term skin contact

Elastic 50A ($199)

Used for device part prototypes usually made with silicone material

Clear Resin ($149)

Ideal for prototypes usually made with polycarbonate

BioMed Flex 80A Resin ($249)

A firm, flexible, medical-grade material for applications requiring durability, biocompatibility, and transparency. Ideal for flexible biocompatible medical devices such as medical device components or short term mucosal membrane devices, and for firm tissue models to assist in surgeries

BioMed Elastic 50A Resin ($349)

A soft, elastic, medical grade material for applications requiring comfort, biocompatibility, and transparency. Ideal for elastic biocompatible medical devices such as medical device components or devices requiring comfortable, long-term skin contact, and for biocompatible soft tissue models surgeons can reference in the operating room


High-Detail Materials for Jewelry Design and Manufacturing

Reliably reproduce crisp settings, sharp prongs, smooth shanks, and fine surface detail – whether you’re 3D printing try on pieces for customers, ready-to-cast custom jewelry, or masters for reusable jewelry molds.

Castable Wax 40 Resin ($249)

For intricate, highly-detailed designs, producing superior results

Castable Wax Resin ($299)

Highly accurate resin for reliable casting with zero ash content and clean burnout

Castable Resin ($299)

The Castable Resin is the original formulation for direct investment casting

High Temp Resin ($199)

Perfect for prototypes with great detail and resistance from high temperatures

Grey Resin ($149)

Ideal for general use prototyping and design, perfect for showing precise details


An important fact to keep in mind is the chemical stability of SLS printed parts compared to SLA printed parts. SLA resin part properties change over time with UV light exposure and temperature. Nylon 12 parts do not dramatically change over time.

Nylon 12: This thermoplastic is already used in practically every imaginable application and is well-suited for prototyping, finished parts, and everything in between. Best suited for Engineering & Product Design, Manufacturing & Production, and Medical. Commonly known as thermoplastic material for industrial 3D printing and suitable for functional prototypes and small batch manufacturing.


Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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Which Formlabs resin has the highest impact strength?

For the highest impact strength among Formlabs materials, choose Durable Resin. Other good options include Tough Resin or Grey Pro Resin.

What type of material is Formlabs resin made out of?

The proprietary material of Formlabs resins is liquid photopolymers.

Are there any post-curing requirements for the ESD Resin?

ESD Resin requires post-curing to reach its optimal mechanical properties. The print’s specific post-curing settings depend on equipment and the geometry of the part. 

What kind of resins does Formlabs 3D printers use?

There are 3 types of resins available: Standard Resins, Engineering Resins, or Nylon Powders (for the Fuse 1).

Custom-formulated Standard Resins deliver the highest-quality output plus capture astonishing detail without sacrificing strength. Engineering Resins are versatile, reliable, and formulated to help reduce costs, iterate faster, and bring better experiences to market. Nylon Powders 3D print production-ready, end-use parts on the Fuse 1 printer. Check out our Formlabs Resins Library.

Is there a way to recycle used solvent?

Yes, Formlabs recommends recycling solvents for environmental and costs concerns. Investing in recycling Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) reduces waste and disposal costs, production emissions, purchasing costs, and supply chain interruptions.