Rapidly connect, create, and deploy comprehensive IoT applications


Extend standardized industrial connectivity across various devices and applications to enable access to multiple data sources.


Use powerful, pre-built tools and applications to fast-track and scale complete industrial IIoT solutions with ease.


Extract real-time insights from complex industrial IIoT data to proactively optimize operations and prevent problems.


Assume control over connected devices, processes, and systems, and boost performance and visibility across operations.


The Industrial IoT Platform helps organizations rapidly connect, create, and deploy comprehensive IIoT applications. The platform is purpose-built with specific functionality designed for Industrial IoT including connectivity, scalability, and security needed to grow with your organization. It enables rapid development, deployment, and extensibility of applications by using integrated platform features that eliminate the need for manual coding and other time-consuming tasks. The Industrial IoT Platform provides a low-code to full-code IoT development environment for organizations looking to build out a completely new, customized IoT solution.


ThingWorx Edge

Enables users to connect industrial assets and derive data directly from thousands of devices, applications, and enterprise systems.

ThingWorx Foundation

Enables users to build high-quality IIoT applications with deep functional capabilities that are easy to use and require no manual coding. ThingWorx Foundation also enables users to experience data using contextualization tools on web and mobile interfaces.

ThingWorx Analytics

Enables users to analyze large volumes of IoT data using sophisticated, artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver actionable insights.

ThingWorx Flow

Enables users to easily and quickly connect to enterprise systems and devices and to orchestrate the flow of information among systems and devices in support of business processes.


Maximize Revenue

ThingWorx maximizes revenue by delivering innovation to products and customers and unlocking new value and opportunities.

Reduce Time & Costs

Reduce time by using rapid application development along with a vast set of capabilities derived from existing applications as well as wrap and extend capacities that enable organizations to get to market faster. Reduce cost by leveraging data from connected products and systems to increase productivity and efficiency.

Improve Quality

ThingWorx improves quality by accelerating innovation. This impacts product, service, and factory operations – which in turn improves information quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Ultimate Flexibility

With deployment options such as on-premise, cloud, or hybrid, ThingWorx offers ultimate flexibility. This allows customers to quickly scale and adapt to any industrial use case.


Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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How does ThingWorx Foundation relate to the ThingWorx IoT Platform?
The nucleus of the ThingWorx Platform is the ThingWorx Foundation. It connects to every platform module. Once integrated it provides a simplified, seamless approach to rapidly creating comprehensive, feature-rich IoT solutions. ThingWorx Foundation allows developers to deliver increased time-to-insights that are critical to successful industrial IoT implementations.
What is ThingWorx Foundation and what does it do?

ThingWorx Foundation is a complete, end-to-end IoT technology platform that delivers cutting-edge functional capabilities. It enables IoT developers to create, deploy and extend breakthrough, enterprise-ready IoT applications and augmented reality experiences. With out-of-the-box extensibility plus the largest ecosystem of industry partners, ThingWorx Foundation scales rapid enterprise business growth.

Why would a developer use ThingWorx Foundation?

ThingWorx Foundation is powerful enough to meet the needs of the most skilled developer. Yet offers a simple user interface suitable for the novice developer to create powerful, interactive IoT solutions and applications.