PLM Windchill Software Maintenance and Monitoring Best Practices

Data Management & PLM | 15 November 2019 | Team EACPDS

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Regular Windchill monitoring and maintenance administrative activities are essential to maintaining the health of your product lifecycle management (PLM) system – this article talks about why.

Could a car go 100,000 miles without any regular maintenance? Maybe. Probably not. And when the neglect results in the engine seizing on the side of the road it will be a significantly bigger headache (and a bigger bill) than if you had kept up on the $30 oil changes.

Your Windchill PLM system is no different than the car in this analogy. Regular Windchill preventative maintenance activities are essential to maintaining the health of your product life cycle system. System maintenance keeps things running smoothly and reduces the chance of downstream failures and unforeseen expenses.

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Just like with any critical enterprise system – regular system monitoring, properly configuring and maintaining reports and alerts, keeping an eye on hardware, and managing licensing is all very important! Neglecting any of these can lead to unexpected Windchill system outages, data loss, and productivity loss. It also helps ensure compliance and keeps usage above board.

I’ll get off my soapbox. The take away to this point in the blog is this: proper monitoring and maintenance of your Windchill PLM system should be seen as a critical ongoing process consisting of a number of tasks and checks performed at regularly scheduled intervals.

Now let’s get into it and put the rubber to the road. This is the “How” and “What” part of the blog.

Regular PLM system maintenance and proactive monitoring of your Windchill PLM system greatly contribute to the ongoing health, performance, and availability of your Windchill system. These activities include backups, working with log files, server setup, and others. They help improve system stability and greatly simplify troubleshooting of errors.

PTC provides tools for you to use in your monitoring and maintenance activities, as well as guidance in using third-party utilities.

Here’s a slightly dated document (for Windchill 10.x) but most of the stuff still holds up – it’s called Best Practice Activities for Windchill System Monitoring and Maintenance.

You don’t need to take this on Windchill system maintenance yourself. EAC’s Alliance team is here to help to proactively maintain and monitor your Windchill system. Our dedicated Windchill System Alliance administrators can take care of all of this for you!

The Alliance Program provides PTC Windchill system administration and support services. Our Product Development System Services Team works to improve system performance, optimize server and license configurations, and maintain a stable Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) environment for your organization.