Transforming the way companies Design, Manufacture, Connect to, and Service their products, EAC Product Development Solutions (EAC) is a complete source for your product development needs. EAC has been an industry leader for over 27 years and our experts help guide companies to achieve their strategic business goals and optimize their technology, systems, people, and processes for long-term success. Our capabilities span the world of Additive Manufacturing/3D printing and the entirety of the manufacturing process from design ideation to product engineering to manufacturing and services in the field.


As our Marketing Representative, you will be responsible for creating cohesive campaigns to promote our products and services across a variety of digital media sources. The Marketing Representative should be well rounded with marketing technology skills, creative, someone who likes to think of new and interesting ways to grab attention, able to work autonomously, critical thinking skills to solve problems, effective communication skills, self-motivated to achieve the goals of the team, a collaborative nature to work with internal teams, and an urgency to complete projects within the deadline.