EAC seeks an experienced scrum master to join a program management team that builds custom software for clients. At EAC, we build innovative solutions to help our clients design, manufacture, connect to, and service their products. As a scrum master, you will frequently use the scrum process to lead a project team and build custom software iteratively to meet the needs of a client. As the leader of the project, you will deliver projects using a sprint-based iterative approach, use epics and user stories to document requirements and voice of customer, and ensure customer success by collaborating internally with project staff, program management, delivery management, and sales management teams.

EAC Product Development Solutions (EAC) is a complete source for product development. We provide a full suite of product development software and offer consulting and training services to support every phase of product development. EAC is ready to offer our brightest ideas to ensure you enjoy the best solutions in the industry.

The AMSPM has primary responsibility for the success of Alliance managed service (AMS) projects assigned to them in terms of managed service scope, budget and schedule. To this end, the AMSPM will conduct assigned Alliance managed service projects in accordance with the EAC Service Project Delivery Assurance process.  It may at times happen, in the course of Alliance managed service project execution, that other priorities (e.g. account management priorities, customer success priorities, or internal departmental priorities, etc.) will compete with project success.  The AMSPM is expected, in these situations, to be the advocate for the managed service project and its success.

It is expected that the AMSPM will be able to manage more than one project a time depending on the complexity of the projects involved.  It is also expected that the AMSPM will pro-actively ask for help if their workload exceeds their ability to successfully manage.