PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0 is here!

Simulation & CAD | 3 October 2019 | Team EACPDS

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Mathcad 6.0 is the newest release of PTC’s engineering calculations software for engineers. The release is meant to help improve your productivity and overall usability to make your job easier every day when it comes to math notations in product development.

This new version has adapted to the feedback of legacy Mathcad 15 users who were missing a few functionalities with the switch over to Mathcad Prime. PTC still plans on releasing a new version of the Mathcad software every year with technology updates and the newest functionalities. Learn more on our PTC Mathcad webpage.

Let’s see what’s in store for Mathcad 6.0.

Mathcad 6.0 New Functionalities Include:

  • Customization of margin dimensions, including headers and footers
  • Spellcheck can be enabled and supports multiple languages based on your installed system keyboards
  • Add hyperlinks in your worksheet
  • Access an expanded list of print options and find/replace subscripts or individual parts of identifiers
  • 2D ChartApp options such as exporting your plot as an image file
  • New symbolic calculation engine

Mathcad 6.0 Improvements Include:

  • New Symbolics Engine
  • Documentation Enhancements
  • Custom margin sizes
  • Custom header/footer sizes
  • Productivity Enhancements
  • Spellcheck
  • Hyperlinks in text
  • Usability Enhancements
  • Find/Replace updates
  • Save as API
  • Expanded print options
  • ChartApp Enhancements
  • Save as .PNG
  • New default chart templates
  • Direct Help links
  • ChartApp zoom
  • Critical Bug Fixes

New Symbolics Engine

The legacy version of the symbolics engine will remain in the Mathcad 6.0 version and (eventually) in the Mathcad 7.0 version so that customers can use it along with the new symbolics engine. The legacy symbolics engine will stay for these two releases so that users can get used to the newer version while still working on worksheets made from older versions they’ve used. Once Mathcad 8.0 is released, the legacy symbolics engine will go away and the new symbolics engine from the Mathcad 6.0 version will be the new norm.

To learn more in-depth on why there is a new symbolics engine in Mathcad 6.0, read our blog called, What’s with the new symbolic engine in Mathcad 6.0?

Documentation Enhancements

There are no more limitations with custom sizes! Left and right margin dimensions can be custom set as well as header and footer dimensions. There is now a legacy margin setting you can convert to in the new worksheets, so if you’ve created worksheets in Mathcad 15 (or older versions), you can now match the dimensions that you’re building in Prime to be the same as those you used to build out.

Legacy margins have been added as well as more customized settings headers and footers

Essentially if you have a large company logo and you need a larger header or if you would like the smallest margins possible to fit the most you can on your worksheet – then you can do these things with the new settings.

Productivity Enhancements

Mathcad has added the ability to spellcheck to accurately document the worksheet along with your math notations. Spell check can be turned on or off for the entire worksheet as well as be customized to your language (or keyboard language) setting. The optimal platform to use the spell check on would be Windows 10 and .Net Framework because developers of Mathcad work with Microsoft to add this ability.

You can now do things like add words to your dictionary using Spellcheck and add hyperlinks

You can add words, ignore words, and to change the proofing language to the dictionary settings. Mathcad 6.0 allows you to add two different proofing languages – for example you can add U.S. English and U.K. English which would allow you to write in both dialects with no underlined errors.

Set proofing languages in Spellcheck to edit your worksheet in your preferred language

You now also have the ability to add hyperlinks to any text region whether it’s a raw URL, text, webpage, mail client (pre-populated email), or file location.

Usability Enhancements

You can now use find/replace to find/replace subscript independently of the identifier. Parts of identifiers that are not subscripts can also be found/replaced if ‘Match Whole Word’ is de-selected. The new API command ‘Save As’ allows worksheets to be programmatically saved in a number of different formats. Print options have also been expanded to allow selection and page range printing.

ChartApp Enhancements

The image in ChartApp can now be saved as a .PNG file to embed it in another application, more chart templates with pre-defined settings have been added, and users can now zoom in and out of the plot display within the ChartApp. The ChartApp Help can now be accessed directly from the ChartApp window for easier access.

Use PTC Mathcad for your engineering calculations

If you haven’t used Mathcad yet and you need to use it to test out the functionality of the product before purchase you can download the latest version with Mathcad Express. (What’s the difference between Mathcad Express and Mathcad Prime?)

If you’re already using Mathcad and just would like a quick overview of the new functionalities and improvements in Mathcad Prime 6.0, you can download the datasheet.

If you’re ready to purchase the Mathcad Prime software to use right away in your engineering calculations, you can purchase by filling out our contact form or calling us at 1-888-225-7579.