Save Time and Money with the Form 2

3D Printing | 1 September 2016 | Team EACPDS

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3D printing is changing the face of product design and manufacturing. The Form 2 by Formlabs allows companies to streamline their design processes with its user-friendly interface and low cost. Companies are no longer required to hire third party consulting firms to print a design and send it back– they can print it themselves in a matter of hours.

The Form 2 allows complete control at your fingertips. You can send prints over WiFi, re-print previous jobs, and manage your print queue through wireless connectivity. If you’re not nearby, not to worry, you can stay informed wherever you are by accessing your Printer Dashboard on your phone, tablet, or any other device. The printer will send you alerts when a print starts, finishes, or requires attention. The Dashboard will track previous jobs, resin usage, and manage multiple printers as you scale your operation.

One of our customers (that asked to remain nameless) experienced a dramatic increase in productivity and decrease in print costs after purchasing the Form 2. A primary concern of this company was project timeline compression. Their Form 2 purchase turned into a text-book example of cost and time-savings.

The client performed a study to evaluate the cost and time-savings associated with purchasing the Form 2 and printing designs in-house versus sending their prints to a third-party consulting company.

Here’s what they found.

Option A:

  • Customer sends design to third party consulting company to print their design
  • Cost: $300 per print
  • Time: 3-4 business day cycle from ship to shop, print, ship back to customer

Option B:

  • Customer sends design over WiFi to Form 2 3D printer
  • Cost: $21 per print
  • Time: 1 business day cycle

Which option would you choose? In this case, the Form 2 had the potential to pay for itself in a matter of prints, in less than two weeks. Think about how much money you pay third-party prototype houses. How does that number compare to the cost of putting a Form 2 on your desk? What are you waiting for?

For more information about the Form 2 contact our Additive Manufacturing Specialist here.