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Systems Thinking – Peter Drucker on Knowledge Workers

20 May 2015 | Team EACPDS


Peter Drucker, the recognized management guru of the 21st century, talked about Knowledge Workers in his final work. Specifically he addressed the requirements for increasing productivity among knowledge workers; which ultimately is EAC’s goal – increasing productivity within product development.

To increase product development productivity there needs to be a focus on quality of output. Drucker contends that the quality of output is as important, and perhaps more important, than the quantity of output. If you find a mismatch between informational needs of somebody doing work and the information that arrives with them, then you have a problem. If that’s the case then the thing to do is take this problem, raise a flag, and move into the Continuous Improvement subsystem, which we will discuss separately. It is a critically important one of the three subsystems of The Product Development Operating System.

Also, please reach out to us if you are finding a wide gap between information needs and availability. We offer the tools and services you may need to close that gap and move to a better position.

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