1. Why do I need to do regular maintenance on my PTC Windchill system?

Critical systems, like Windchill PLM, must be available to users. This is why it is so important to do regular maintenance on your PTC Windchill system. Windchill system outages can be costly and impact system adoption and usage.  Therefore, it is recommended that you complete regular, preventative maintenance to identify and resolve issues before they cause performance problems or service interruptions.

2. What is included in the Alliance program?

We start by assessing your department and company’s needs. We combine the assessment results with our understanding of successful Windchill implementations and deliver recommendations and a plan for a stable, high-performance Windchill instance. The flexibility of the Alliance program allows us to configure an engagement as needed. This gives us the ability to tailor the program specifically to your company.

3.  Can my staff complete the Windchill maintenance activities?

Certainly!  Keep in mind that preventative Windchill maintenance tasks are commonly an afterthought, and other projects are likely to take precedence.  As the staff becomes busier, their dependence on a functioning Windchill system increases.  These would be times when a system outage during a critical project could prove to be disastrous.

4. Can you train my staff to complete Windchill maintenance tasks?

Yes, in fact we would love to help train your staff how to complete Windchill maintenance tasks.  EAC has PTC certified instructors that are available to deliver all of the Windchill Business and System Admin training courses offered by PTC.  After attending these classes your staff will be ready to take on their new Windchill responsibilities.  Additionally, we can provide mentoring with our Windchill experts to answer all of your Windchill maintenance questions.

5. What are some benefits of using the EAC Alliance program?

One of the core benefits of the EAC Alliance Program is the ability to take a proactive approach to maintaining your Windchill system – ensuring high availability and performance.  By completing regular system maintenance and software updates you are able to better leverage your PTC investment.  You can also eliminate the need to maintain a staff of Windchill Administration experts by assigning these system and business admin tasks to our EAC’s expert consultants.  Our Windchill consultants have years of experience and complete these same activities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for many Alliance Program customers.

6. Are Windchill system updates and upgrades included in the Alliance Program?

Yes, the EAC Alliance Program can be structured to include Windchill system updates and upgrades. When you include this in your Alliance Program you can easily budget a fixed cost over the upcoming months and years.

7. Can you support my Global company?

Yes.  While EAC is based in the United States, we are part of the PTC Strategic Partner network giving us access to many additional resources overseas.  We call on these partners to help with implementation, training, and support services local to international facilities.

8. Are you able to provide 24/7 Windchill support?

Yes.  We can provide your company access to our support case submission system, which will allow your Windchill users to log cases at any time of day.  If emergency Windchill support is required (noted by the priority level assigned to your case), our team will be notified immediately and begin support.  If you require overseas support, and international support is included in your Alliance Program agreement, we will coordinate with a local PTC partner to address the issue.

9. Doesn’t my PTC Maintenance agreement include similar Windchill services?

No.  Your PTC maintenance agreement covers all Windchill updates to software that you have purchased as well as technical support should you have a problem that requires resolution.  It does not include the services necessary to update, upgrade and maintain your Windchill system.

10.  How much does the EAC Alliance Program cost?

This varies based on the complexity of your Windchill environment and the level of support you would like to include in your service level agreement (SLA).  This can be determined by having a quick conversation with your team and proposing a solution that correctly addresses your needs. Contact us today for further information!

Blog CTA Looking for someone to manage your Windchill services

Enterprise systems require administration and management that can be time-consuming and foreign territory for many companies. This is why we created The EAC Alliance Program.

The Alliance Program provides PTC Windchill system  administration and support services.

Our team of expert technicians improve system performance, optimize server and license configurations, and maintain a stable PLM environment for your organization. The Alliance Program is transforming the way companies service their Windchill and Intralink PLM & PDM systems.

Alliance Program customers save an average of 50% over other options for dedicated administration and support.

Our team of certified and experienced technicians proactively monitors system events and diagnostics that typically go unnoticed.

Their attention to detail and deep understanding of the technology allows them to increase system stability and reduce downtime by up to 95%.

At EAC, we want to partner with you to you create a better, more productive workspace. The Alliance Program is helping customers increase user satisfaction and ensure a return on their Windchill investment. We accomplish this by providing:

  • On-going technical support
  • Business process consulting
  • System Monitoring
  • System Maintenance
  • Upgrade Planning
  • Implementation
  • Performance Tuning
  • Windchill Server Optimization
  • Monthly Mentoring for Admins & Users
  • Discounts on all EAC Training Services

If you’re looking for a way to improve sluggish or slow Windchill system performance, increase system uptime up to 99%, and even reduce operational risk, the Alliance Program can help. To learn more about the Alliance Program, download our brochure here.

Curious about the current state of your system? For a limited time the EAC Alliance Program team will perform a FREE Windchill System Analysis. You can claim your free Windchill System Analysis here.

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