INTAMSYS Funmat HT Printer - Partnering with EAC Product Development Solutions

EAC and INTAMSYS are partnering to expand 3D printing solutions for the Midwest

EAC Product Development Solutions, a Premier PTC partner, has recently entered into a strategic alliance with INTAMSYS to amplify their concentration and assistance towards Additive Manufacturing concerning product development.


Specializing in high-performance materials, INTAMSYS is a world-renowned expert in advanced solutions for 3D printing and industrial additive manufacturing.

INTAMSYS offers advanced 3D-printing solutions that are fine-tuned to cater to the specific needs of various industries and organizations, with the support of its partner network.

Offering a diverse array of 3D printing hardware, INTAMSYS effectively meets the needs of various industries, including but not limited to Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, and Research.

INTAMSYS operates across multiple locations. They are headquartered in Shanghai (China) with regional offices in Stuttgart (Germany) and Minneapolis (Minnesota), where they extend their services to offer sales, operations, and support for their cutting-edge technology.

“We are very excited to be partnering with EAC Product Development Solutions”, says INTAMSYS CEO Charles Han. “EAC Product Development Solutions have a proven track record with various product development software offerings that strongly reside adjacent to our solutions. We believe this is the beginning of a strong partnership as they further dive into additive manufacturing with INTAMSYS. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are right down the street from our Minnesota office.”

EAC’s Industry Role

EAC Product Development Solutions, a predominant player in the product development industry, prioritizes staying ahead of the curve by providing top-of-the-line technology solutions to clients while also being responsive to market trends and customer demands. Teaming up with INTAMSYS enables EAC to enhance their market offerings, addressing additional business challenges encountered by their customers.

EAC Product Development Solutions (EAC) provides innovative solutions that transform the way companies design, manufacture, connect to, and service their products. The organizations’ primary objective is to improve and optimize product development systems, with the ultimate goal to help clients succeed in the marketplace.

EAC is renowned for their unparalleled expertise in product development, systems, architecture and innovative solutions, particularly in the areas of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR).

“We help businesses and organizations in various industries change the way they design, manufacture and service their products by implementing a two phased digital thread strategy. We first optimize information flow and then transform business processes to enable companies to gain a competitive advantage with faster time to market, less waste, increased innovation, lower costs, and higher profits.” Thane Hathaway

EAC’s Partnership with INTAMSYS

Prior to the partnership, INTAMSYS aimed to form a strong alliance with a technology solutions provider in the Midwest region, renowned for exceptional customer service. After considering various options, INTAMSYS determined that partnering with EAC would result in an unmatched collaboration that would surpass any other potential partnership.

With the ability to leverage EAC’s broad portfolio of technology, services, and solutions; INSTAMSYS plans to enhance offerings revolving around anything from prototypes to functional real-world end-use parts that encompass real material properties for production, manufacturing, and industrial applications.

Expanding territory coverage and market presence, the partnership greatly aids both organizations, as well as their clientele, providing each to benefit from the proficiencies of one another.