The Right Mouse Button in Creo

Simulation & CAD | 4 April 2013 | Team EACPDS

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I’ve been a Mechanical Engineer for years. This means I’ve had many conversations with people regarding their opinions about the various CAD tools on the market. For the record, I’m a Creo and Pro/ENGINEER man. During these, sometimes heated, conversations I regularly hear people say that it takes too many mouse clicks to do something in Creo; whether that is creating a feature in sketcher mode or getting to the dialogue box to select a sketching plane for an extrude. Every time I hear this I have the same response. I tell them about a simple solution that’s built right into Creo. I use it every day. It’s the right mouse button.
The right mouse button (RMB) gives you several menu options depending on what mode you are in and what you are currently doing. For example if you are editing an extrude and you have the dashboard up and you hold down the right mouse button you will see options such as “Edit Internal Sketch, Clear, Surface, Thicken sketch, Flip Depth Direction, Add Taper, Show Section Dimensions.” I don’t know about you but I find that a lot faster and easier than digging through the dashboard.

This was just one quick example of using the right mouse button in Creo. Feel free to explore the right mouse button in other areas of Creo for different menu options. Let me know your favorite “short cuts” in the comments below.