Develop immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences


Our comprehensive knowledge and experience can help guide you through developing valuable AR experiences and ultimately implement a custom AR solution designed for your needs.


Identifying Value 

EAC understands that technology should help solve problems and add value. We like to start every project by first understanding the value technology might bring to your organization and explore the problems which will be solved or opportunities that will be created. Through a series of value mapping workshops, we can identify the value of technology when applied in your organization.


Solution Implementation

Using a clear picture of current state and ideal future state, EAC will define the project scope and delivery methodology necessary for a successful implementation. Ranging from small proofs of concept to large integrated production systems, we will define a plan with clear activities, deliverables, and success criteria to implement your solution.


AR Content Development & Experience Authoring

Utilizing PTC products such as Creo Illustrate, Vuforia Studio, or Vuforia Expert Capture, our team can create a custom content for your AR projects, and many of our clients conveniently outsource the authoring of AR experiences to us. We will develop the content and experience to your specifications, publish the experience, show you how to run the experience, and provide you all the content we developed.


Support & Mentoring

Developing AR content in house and feeling stuck? EAC’s team of experts can help get your team unstuck quickly with support and mentoring over virtual meetings. Whether you are working on early concepts, or your team is equipped to accomplish the desired future state, you can be sure your team has the help and guidance to be successful.

Mitchell Kieffer

CEO, Core Distribution Inc.

EAC is a consistent and reliable resource. They really know our products. Other engineering service providers do not have that personal touch.

Walter Shein


There is a growing gap between workers heading for retirement and younger workers seeking employment – augmented reality can help bridge the learning steps for the next generation.

Adam Erickson

Product Engineer, Tamarack

Nice project management and prompt work completion.


Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

You can count on personalized support around the clock by email, live chat, or by joining a live webinar.

How does AR deliver value across the enterprise?

Augmented Reality (AR) opens doors to new ways of presenting and experiencing information. Areas of the highest value are seen primarily in sales and marketing, service, and training

Sales and marketing teams can present products digitally to prospective customers within the physical environment of your choosing. Highlight and demonstrate product features and benefits interactively to boost customer understanding, engagement, and enthusiasm.

Service teams use AR when on-site or working remotely in the field. Project information conveniently into your physical field of view for multiple tasks such as operating connected machines, visualizing metrics from IoT devices, or service maintenance. This improves visualizing operational processes, faster first-time fix rates, and lower safety risks.

Trainers easily incorporate 3D models and animations into AR training experiences, to minimize costly script and video production. Capture and share expert knowledge to close your workforce gap. Trainees experience user-friendly AR training with accurate and interactive animated sequences of steps, projected within their view of their physical workspace. This accelerates their understanding of training material.

How can EAC work with me and my staff?

EAC focuses on customer success, and our team is ready to assist at any stage of your journey. Contact us to see how we can help you and your teams achieve your business objectives.

How does Augmented Reality work? 

Augmented Reality (AR) works with three key components: hardware, software, and yourself. You perceive the physical world using your five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. An AR-capable hardware device runs software that layers digital information into your physical world surroundings. AR hardware and software create interactive experiences that involve your senses as you utilize data presented in real-time. Great AR experiences successfully keep digital information presented accurately within your physical space even as you move to provide a smooth and realistic experience.