Training in Windchill


End-user training and overall user adoption is a key component to ensure the success of any upgrade or implementation for your organization.

EAC’s upgrade team takes training and adoption very seriously and can provide you with personalized training courses that are tailored to your organization’s current processes and methods. This is a proven methodology to help increase user adoption and rapid user efficiency gains.


Whether you’re looking for a specific PTC training course or a comprehensive training package to educate your entire department, our training consultants will be happy to provide the best recommendations, trainings and student experiences possible. Search our course schedule for training on PTC Windchill.

Windchill Training Courses

Fundamentals Overview
Fundamentals of Creating and Managing Work
Fundamentals of Change Management
Fundamentals of Engineering Bill of Materials (eBOM)
Business Administration
Introduction and Participant Administration
Object and Context Administration
Advanced Object Behavior
Process Mapping and Promotion Request
Teams and Access
Access Control and Change Implementation
Introduction to Business Reporting
CAD Integration
Creo Parametric Data Management 1
Creo Parametric Data Management 2
System Administration
Installation and Configuration Overview
File Vaulting and Replication
Queues and Visualization Services
Properties and Monitoring
BoM Management
Preparing eBOM to mBOM Transformation
BOM Restructuring
CAD-Driven Product Structure Management with Creo Parametric
Advanced BOM Transformation Topics
Process Planning

Neal Clevenger

VP of Engineering, Wayne Water Systems

I have nothing but good things to say about the training we received from EAC. The instructor did a good job keeping everyone’s attention throughout the course. I was pleased that he didn’t go straight from the book, he made sure that everyone understood the material.

John Spenn

Senior Engineer, Roembke Manufacturing & Design, Inc.  

[Our instructor] not only knew what the software can do, but he also – and more importantly – knew why you would do a particular function a certain way.

Jeff Combs

Product Engineer, Airtex Products

Overall we were very pleased with the training content and training personal. The Intro and Advanced classes were general and covered all needed basics.

Jason Quint

Mechanical Engineer, Kato Engineering

EAC was able to custom tailor our on-site training program to meet our specific business needs and deliver a thorough training curriculum. This enabled the users to learn Kato-specific Pro/E practices which was very beneficial. The whole training process was well done, and we found EAC to be knowledgeable and adaptable to our training timeline.


Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

You can count on personalized support around the clock by email, live chat, or by joining a live webinar.

What kind of Windchill training can EAC provide?

We provide instructor-led PTC Certified courses:

  1. Windchill Fundamentals
  2. Windchill Administration

Jump to the “PTC Certified Training Courses” page under the Resources tab for more information.

Is there a Windchill Administration training available?

Yes, register for the PTC Certified course Windchill: Business Administration. This course is led by an instructor over 3 days. Check out all available PTC Certified Training under the Resources tab on our website.

Can EAC provide custom training on our company’s Windchill system?

Yes, we can. EAC would work with your company to identify the specific areas that need help and discuss what content to cover. EAC would then put together a custom Windchill training program and deliver it to your users.

Can EAC provide 24/7 Windchill Support?

Yes. EAC customers have access to our support case submission system. Windchill users can then log cases at any time. Any emergency Windchill support (as noted by the priority level assigned to a case) will notify our team immediately. International support is available as specified in your Alliance Program agreement. If an issue overseas occurs, EAC will coordinate with a local PTC partner to resolve the problem asap.