Technical Support Specialist – Customer Experience



As a software sales and service provider we are transforming the way companies Design, Manufacture, Connect To, and Service their products. EAC Product Development Solutions (EAC) is a complete source for your product development needs. EAC has been an industry leader for over 27 years and our experts help guide companies to achieve their strategic business goals and optimize their technology, systems, people, and processes for long-term success. Our capabilities span the world of Additive Manufacturing/3D printing and the entirety of the manufacturing process from design ideation to product engineering to manufacturing and services in the field.


The Technical Support Specialist will join a dynamic Windchill PLM support team known for its extensive experience and enthusiasm. Emphasizing collaboration, communication, and customer-centricity, you’ll take on a diverse range of responsibilities, working closely with both our clients and the broader PTC product development team. As the primary point of contact for customer issues, you’ll swiftly address software concerns, employing thorough root cause analysis and resolution techniques to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Customer Experience team is dedicated to delivering a seamless Windchill PLM support customer journey, aiming to surpass expectations and propel customers towards unprecedented success. Leveraging deep product knowledge and superior customer support skills, team members strive to consistently meet or exceed customer needs in every interaction.