Workforce Development

Do you serve your glass spotless?

20 June 2013 | Team EACPDS


I truly believe it’s the little things that set one organization apart from another. I was recently traveling on business and after a long day, decided to stop by the hotel bar for a glass of wine. Several minutes later I was handed the house red in an incredibly filthy glass. After the server literally disappeared, I surmised that I would be waiting quite a long time for a replacement and decided to drink it anyway.
The next evening, while avoiding the hotel bar, I ended up at a restaurant down the street. True to form, I ordered a glass of house red. Although the barkeep was extremely busy — with patrons at every seat around the bar — he took an extra 30 seconds to carefully spot my glass with a napkin. Seconds later a beautifully poured glass of red appeared in front of me.

I am often amazed by how many people choose to do the minimum required to fulfill the duty at hand. It is especially shocking when you realize that just a tiny bit of extra effort can have remarkable rewards. The price and the time I spent waiting for a glass of wine was similar at both locations, but how I felt in the two scenarios could not have been more different. It was that 30 seconds the barkeep took to make my experience exponentially better. I’d say that’s a pretty profound reward.

It appears to me that this behavior is contagious. The actions of an individual are often a good indication of the organization as a whole. Companies that pride themselves on doing the right thing and exceeding expectations share those values among individuals. This culture thrives as the heartbeat of the organization, radiating out to the customers who encounter it. The reward for elevating a customer’s experience can be a tip, more business from that customer, or the ultimate reward — a referral.

At EAC, this behavior is absolutely contagious. Doing it right and exceeding expectations are core to personal values and corporate culture. I am honored to work with individuals who are always willing to spot the glass.

So, do you serve your glass straight out of the dishwasher, or do you take an extra 30 seconds to make it spotless?