Here are the top 10 blogs that our readers loved from this year:

10. Form 3B: Formlabs New Biocompatible 3D Printer

Form 3B Dental Lab

Formlabs released a new Form 3B 3D printer for biocompatible materials. Read the blog if you’re interested in:

  • Knowing the difference between the Form 3 and the Form 3B
  • Form 3B 3D printer price
  • Resin compatibility with the Form 3B
  • Ordering free dental sample parts

9. New Soft, Elastic Engineering Resin from Formlabs

Formlabs released a new Elastic Resin – highly elastic and strong material for prototypes and parts. This new resin is a long-lasting, tear-resistant, and made of resilient material that can withstand repeated use. You may be interested in knowing more if you can relate to these use cases:

  • Wearables and consumer goods prototyping
  • Medical visual simulation and devices
  • Compliant features for robotics
  • Special effects props and models

8. PLM Apps Benefit Business

PLM Apps Benefit Business

Most companies lose a lot of time and money when employees are challenged with finding relevant, up-to-date product data. According to the Harvard Business Review, workers waste approximately 50% of their time locating data, finding and correcting errors, and searching for sources to confirm the accuracy of data. PLM Apps can help.

If you manage PLM systems and organize CAD data within your company you’ll find this blog helpful. In it you’ll read about:

  • How PLM apps are meant for ease-of-use with your PLM system
  • How multiple PLM softwares can be integrated
  • How PLM apps controls security and access to desired teams
  • How customized PLM apps can align with your business strategy

7. ERP vs PLM – What’s the Difference?

ERP vs PLM - What's the Difference?

We have you take a deep dive into your digital transformation initiatives – which in return, will help you develop the skills to choose the right technology for your organization. This blog breaks down:

  • What’s trending in ERP & PLM enterprise systems
  • The differences and similarities between ERP & PLM
  • How you can use ERP & PLM together for most impactful ROI
  • PTC Windchill PLM software and its integration with other systems

6. Bill of Materials Management- What You Need to Know


If you have experience with bill of materials (BoMs) or are just learning about it – you may want to brush up on the info in this blog. We cover:

  • Defining bill of materials: ebom, mbom, and sbom
  • Importance of accurate BoM processes and reporting
  • How BoM management plays a role in system integration
  • Custom bill of materials app – BoM Reports

5. Formlabs Releases New 3D Printers using LFS Technology

Formlabs Releases New 3D Printers using LFS Technology

Formlabs retired the Form 2 SLA desktop 3D printer and released 2 new printers at the beginning of the year – the Form 3 and Form 3L. Read this blog to find the answers to these questions:

  • What are SLA and LFS 3D printing? And how the processes different?
  • What other technologies are leveraged with LFS?
  • What are the benefits of LFS 3D printing?
  • What is an LPU and why does it matter?

4. PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0 is here!

PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0

Mathcad 6.0 is the newest release of PTC’s engineering calculations software for engineers. The release is meant to help improve your productivity and overall usability to make your job easier every day when it comes to math notations in product development.

Here are some of the new improvements:

  • Customized margin dimensions, including headers and footers
  • Spellcheck, multi-language keyboard, and hyperlinks have been added
  • 2D ChartApp options such as exporting your plot as an image file
  • New symbolic calculation engine

3. Form 2 vs Form 3: Formlabs SLA 3D printer comparison

Form 2 vs Form 3 | EAC Product Development Solutions

If you’re wondering how the Form 3 compares to the Form 2, we’re able to tell you the differences between the two Formlabs 3D printing machines. The Form 2 is no longer available for purchase – but we’ll point out the improvements in the Form 3 (which IS available for purchase) such as:

  • Why LFS (Form 3) is better technology than SLA (Form 2)
  • Easier support removal for nearly finished prints
  • Flexible tank reduces stress during peeling process
  • More precise detail and quality 3D prints

2. Formlabs Form 3 & Form 3L: Answers to your FAQs

Formlabs 3D Printers: Form 3 and Form 3L

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the retirement of the Form 2, the Form 3, and the Form 3L. Here are a few questions we answer including:

  • How accurate is the Form 3? How fast is the Form 3?
  • How much bigger is the Form 3L build volume?
  • What are the biggest differences between Form 2 and Form 3?
  • What parts are cross-compatible between Form 2 and Form 3?

1. What is PTC Windchill Software?

PTC Windchill PLM Software

If you’re looking for a new PLM system to add to your organization – try PTC’s Windchill. We’ll break down everything you need to know including:

  • What’s the origin of PTC Windchill software?
  • How much does Windchill PLM cost?
  • PLM products: PDM Essentials, PDMLink, ProjectLink, PartsLink
  • Admin, support (Alliance Program), and certified training

Windchill is a mission-critical enterprise system with multiple components and touch points across an entire enterprise. Because of this complexity, you might recognize the need for Windchill Managed Services.

EAC has created a managed services program for your Windchill system – The EAC Alliance Program. The Alliance Program provides PTC Windchill managed services such as Windchill administration and support.

Our team of expert system administrators help improve system performance, optimize server and license configurations, and maintain a stable PLM environment for your organization.

Here’s what customer’s see with our Windchill Managed Services and what you can expect.

Windchill Managed Services Percent of UptimeAlliance Program Customers Experience Windchill System Uptime

95.1% of our EAC Alliance Program customers achieve 100% Windchill uptime. Our customers that do not have 100% Windchill uptime still maintain over 99% availability.  This is an overall average of 99.95% or more uptime.

Windchill Managed Services Predictive Maintenance Alliance Program Customers Experience Windchill Predictive Maintenance

Our Alliance program executes planned (weekly, monthly, etc) Windchill maintenance.  Predictive maintenance is more efficient and the preferred approach to system maintenance. Roughly 1/4 of Alliance customers choose to implement PTC System Monitor (PSM) as a way to bolster EAC’s already rigorous proactive maintenance.

Speed/Performance of Windchill with Managed Services

Alliance Program Customers Experience Windchill Optimization100% of EAC’s Alliance Program customers see an improvement in the speed and performance of their Windchill system.  Out of the box, Windchill leaves a lot of room for performance tuning and server optimization. Our EAC Alliance Program Team are skilled in analyzing  and optimizing system resources to suit your individual needs

Windchill Managed Services Security/PatchesAlliance Program Customers Experience Windchill System Security

100% of our EAC Alliance customers receive (or are notified) of patches.  This way you can be assured that your system is running with maximum security at all times. 

Want to learn more about what our EAC Alliance Program has to offer? Download our Alliance Program Brochure and check out the top 10 questions we get about our Windchill Managed Services. 

Get a Quote for Windchill Managed Services

Help us help you! We know your Windchill System is critical, that’s why we designed a program just for you.

Some estimate that 70% of companies do not regularly perform routine maintenance on their Windchill System. Were on a mission to change that.

In an effort to provide on-going technical support, business process consulting and adoption services; EAC offers the Windchill Alliance Program (Services). This is a service package intended to provide professional Windchill maintenance and administration services, regardless of a customer’s stage of adoption.

Our team of expert technicians will improve your system performance, optimize server and license configurations, and ultimately maintain a stable PLM environment for your organization.

After receiving your FREE Windchill System Checkup and becoming a customer, here’s what you will receive:

System and Application Administration 

This includes everything from starting and stopping your Windchill environment to cleaning up unreferenced files and cache folders. Let our team do the busy work of monitoring and managing your system so you can get the most out of your Windchill investment.

Database Administration

The EAC Alliance team will review, restore, and analyze your database growth and performance. Our database administration covers anything and everything from network administration, security administration, and backup services. Put us in-charge of performing and verifying your scheduled system backups to ensure your system is running properly.

Business Administration

We will take care of all your Windchill business administration needs such as adding new roles, updating accounts, operating system maintenance, network administration, license usage reporting and more.

End-User Support

Our end user support consists of everything from help desk support, to advice on best practices, to user mentoring, to Alliance Program review meetings and more. We want to help you with all your system questions and needs.

Still want to learn more? Check out our article on the Top 10 Questions we get about our EAC Alliance Program.

Also,  Here’s what customer’s see with our Windchill Managed Services and what you can expect as an EAC Alliance Customer!

Our goal is to help you increase your Windchill system uptime, eliminate corrupt workspaces, improve sluggish system performance, safeguard your security, and guarantee your system is up-to-date. Take a proactive approach to maintaining your Windchill environment today!