We are an Authorized Training Partner of PTC. Our training and mentoring group delivers and sells PTC University Training solutions. This helps ensure you not only get the technology you need to dramatically improve the way you design, manufacture, and service your products and enterprise, but the knowledge to fully take advantage of your software investment.
EAC was one of the first authorized training partners. Why should you care? We have more experience mapping organization’s needs to the perfect PTC Training Course. We have more experienced instructors ready to deliver PTC Training Class content and customized training to create additional value for students and organizations. It also means we know a lot about what people want from a training experience, and what they should ask of their provider.

Many people see professional development, or continuing education, to somehow be exempt from the due diligence one would apply to…say, selecting a college. The truth is, it is important to carefully choose the company and people your organization uses to deliver a comprehensive PTC training course schedule or a single PTC training class.

Here are some questions you should ask a potential training provider:

  • Do they have real-world experience using the products?
  • Do they understand how various solutions work together?
  • Do they offer training on multiple PTC training course segments (PLM, PDM, CAD, AR, IoT, etc.)?
  • What delivery methods to they offer? (in center, onsite, remote (EACLive!)
  • Do they offer extended access to Instructors for questions after a course ends?
  • Do they offer the ability to audit a PTC training class for a year, in case a student needs a refresher?
  • What is their cancellation policy? (Things come up, sometime a plan doesn’t work out. Here’s ours)
  • Do they offer volume pricing discounts?
  • Are there any current promotions?

We are here to help you know all the picks, clicks, and technology tricks to make sure everyone on your team is a power user. You need to complete projects as fast as possible – good training makes that possible. Here is our current training calendar. It displays all of the currently scheduled Creo training, Windchill training, and Arbortext training. Please contact us if you don’t see a specific training course. We may be able to add it to the existing calendar or deliver the training class specifically to your organization.