Stephen Covey’s landmark book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ lists the 7th critical habit as “Sharpen the saw.” It references a parable of a lumberjack and a stranger. The woodsman is very busy cutting down trees. As he completes more and more work his effort increases and his productivity goes down because his saw dulls over time. The lumberjack, exhausted and cursing the labor, is approached by the stranger. “What’s the problem?” asks the stranger. “My saw is dull and won’t cut well” responds the lumberjack. “Why don’t you sharpen it?” asks the stranger. The lumberjack responds “What kind of question is that? Because I would have to stop sawing, and I’m very busy.”  The stranger responds “But, if you sharpened your saw you could cut more efficiently than before. You could get even more work done.”
It’s important to sharpen our saw. We need to keep working to improve our knowledge base, approach, and overall situation. This may involve attending a training class, reading a book, mentoring and being mentored, or joining a peer group. I understand this can be difficult in the world of product development / engineering / design / manufacturing / and service. There is always pressure to get to market, get to the trade show, meet customer demands, etc.

Efficient engineering, design, manufacturing, and service requires efficient use of the supporting technologies for each role. Our training group consistently proves a return on our customer’s investment in training and development. That’s because technology keeps getting better. If you don’t know how to take advantage of the full functionality of your tools like PTC Creo, PTC Windchill, PTC Arbortext, and PTC Mathcad…you’re cutting with a dull saw.

We consistently schedule key PTC certified training classes and training courses that help people throughout organizations make the most of their technology. We deliver everything from Windchill Administrator courses to training classes for specific PTC Creo tools and functionality.

Do me a favor. Take time to sharpen your saw. A few days in a training course could save you hundreds of hours down the line. Take a look at the EAC Training Calendar. Maybe you’ll find the perfect PTC training course to put a new edge on your saw. Contact our training group to learn more about our training and mentoring delivery options (Like EACLive!) and full course catalogue. And check out this blog to learn more about how to select a PTC Training Course and Training Class provider.

We are an Authorized Training Partner of PTC. Our training and mentoring group delivers and sells PTC University Training solutions. This helps ensure you not only get the technology you need to dramatically improve the way you design, manufacture, and service your products and enterprise, but the knowledge to fully take advantage of your software investment.
EAC was one of the first authorized training partners. Why should you care? We have more experience mapping organization’s needs to the perfect PTC Training Course. We have more experienced instructors ready to deliver PTC Training Class content and customized training to create additional value for students and organizations. It also means we know a lot about what people want from a training experience, and what they should ask of their provider.

Many people see professional development, or continuing education, to somehow be exempt from the due diligence one would apply to…say, selecting a college. The truth is, it is important to carefully choose the company and people your organization uses to deliver a comprehensive PTC training course schedule or a single PTC training class.

Here are some questions you should ask a potential training provider:

  • Do they have real-world experience using the products?
  • Do they understand how various solutions work together?
  • Do they offer training on multiple PTC training course segments (PLM, PDM, CAD, AR, IoT, etc.)?
  • What delivery methods to they offer? (in center, onsite, remote (EACLive!)
  • Do they offer extended access to Instructors for questions after a course ends?
  • Do they offer the ability to audit a PTC training class for a year, in case a student needs a refresher?
  • What is their cancellation policy? (Things come up, sometime a plan doesn’t work out. Here’s ours)
  • Do they offer volume pricing discounts?
  • Are there any current promotions?

We are here to help you know all the picks, clicks, and technology tricks to make sure everyone on your team is a power user. You need to complete projects as fast as possible – good training makes that possible. Here is our current training calendar. It displays all of the currently scheduled Creo training, Windchill training, and Arbortext training. Please contact us if you don’t see a specific training course. We may be able to add it to the existing calendar or deliver the training class specifically to your organization.

The EAC Product Development Academy can help you advance your career, improve department performance, and transform the way you design your products. Our training options (shown below) can turn a great designer or administrator into an expert!

  1. Take Our On-Site or In-Center Courses

Our Certified Instructors can come to you, or your students can come to us. We’re flexible! Let us sweat the small stuff. Our training coordinators will arrange for all the necessary tools including laptops, course material(s), and software.

  1. Sign Up for eLearning

Are you a self-starter that prefers online training on your time? eLearning® a solution from PTC might be perfect for you. Students can access full course material on PTC’s subscription based learning management system. Every subscription includes up to 6,000 hours of customizable self-paced training content, including training exercises and skill checks. It is a great option for customers to track the progress of their employees as they go through onboarding or training.

  1. Remote Learning with EACLive!

EACLive! is EAC’s proprietary remote learning offering. It allows students to reduce travel expenses and still satisfy their training needs. Students access classes remotely and maintain the classroom experience through desktop sharing and two-way communication with instructors and other students. It is available for both our public training classes and private sessions for your company.

  1. Mentoring

We also offer this unique training option. Students can also choose to mentor with one of our Certified Instructors. This allows students to address specific topics in which assistance is needed and develop specific skill sets in the context of their job.

  1. Configured or Customized Training

If you feel like “out-of-the-box training” doesn’t quite fit your needs you can utilize the EAC Training Department to help create a unique training path. We will work with you to accommodate your time and knowledge through configured or customized training.

Configured Training allows the student to subtract or add modules from an out-of-the-box certified PTC Academic Program Course; combining or shortening current curriculum.

This training type gives the student access to:

  • Add and Subtract Module(s) from a Course
  • Access Customized Printed Training Manual

Customized Training allows the student to build their own training course specific to their needs and their environment.

This training type gives the student access to:

  • Add and Subtract Module(s) from Course
  • Custom Course Content Development
  • Custom Training Delivery
  • Custom Documentation
  • Integrate Images from Customer Environment
  • Recorded Training Videos